How to Send a Parcel via Courier

This is the only place you’ll need if you want to send a parcel. We will walk you through each step, so you know what to do to send a parcel to the USA or Australia. First, make sure you have the item in hand before sending it. Make sure to check their prohibited item list for your item.

What packaging materials do I need?

You must ensure that you have everything you need before booking a delivery or package of any item. You will need different materials if you are sending posters or paintings. Please refer to our blog posts for more information.

Make sure your item is ready to go. If it came in an original box, make sure you place it inside and secure it.

You will need scissors, tape, and a pen. We recommend a black Sharpie.

Make sure you have enough bubble wrap on hand to wrap your item securely. You can make your item more secure in transit with more bubble wrap.

To fill your box, you will need access to packing materials. We recommend polystyrene packing peanuts because they provide the best protection and maximize space.

Before you start packaging your item, it is a good idea to keep a pouch with a plastic shipping label handy. You can tape the shipping labels to your item using packaging tape, but it’s safer to have a pouch. You should have shipping pouches available to attach to your international parcel if you plan on sending it internationally.

A sturdy cardboard box is essential. It should be able to hold the item and any packaging materials. This will prevent damage during shipping. If possible, it is worth purchasing a new box.

How to pack your item:

First, ensure that your item is properly packaged. We will use a small, painted wooden box to demonstrate this. We will wrap the item in bubble wrap because it doesn’t have original packaging (such a box an iPhone would come in). If you don’t have any original packaging, this is the best way to go. Bubble wrap is affordable and easy to obtain.

Wrap the item in bubble wrap.

Place the item on a piece of bubble wrap. Wrap it in bubble wrap and secure it with packaging tape. Remember that more packaging materials will provide greater protection for your shipment.

Your bubble wrapped item should look like the image above. The bubble wrap is thick enough that you can barely see the colours in the black box.

It would be best if you filled the box with packing peanuts. Your goal is to cushion the item completely.

Place the bubble-wrapped item in the box. Make sure you leave enough room for additional packaging peanuts.

You can fill the box with more packing peanuts until it almost reaches its limit. These will protect your item against drops and knocks by pushing them down the sides.

Close the box’s lid and shake it vigorously. Add more packaging peanuts to the box until there is no sound when it shakes.

The cardboard box should be sealed with packaging tape. Wrap the tape around your main seam and wrap it around the box three times. The tape should be cut and adhered to the box. Continue the same process and wrap the tape around the opposite side of your box, ensuring it intersects with the tape you’ve already attached to the main seam. After you are done, wrap the tape around the box’s seams. This will prevent tears from forming in the box and preserve its structural integrity.

Measure your parcel and weigh it. These measurements will help you avoid overpaying for your parcel and ensure your delivery is on time.

How to book a delivery

On the ParcelHero booking page, add the collection and delivery postcodes. Add the dimensions of your package to the page you have just accessed.

All the delivery options we offer will be displayed to you. We offer both next-day delivery and cheaper options.

Would you mind describing what’s in your parcel and when you would like it to be delivered? Would you mind telling us how much you value your shipment?

Please enter the address where you would like your parcel to be collected and the address you wish to arrive at.

After reviewing all details, click the Continue button to proceed. The payment screen will appear. You will then be prompted to confirm your payment.

The next screen will allow you to print your shipping labels. The shipping labels will be attached to an email. These labels can be printed out. If you ship internationally, you may need additional forms. Go through all the forms carefully and mark and date any questions.

Place your shipping labels in your plastic pouch. Be sure to see every bar code and all addresses.

Attach your shipping label pouch to the parcel you have packed. Please make sure you adhere to it securely, so there are no sticky edges.

Use your Sharpie for the tracking number. This can be found on your shipping labels. The courier will still be capable of locating your parcel if your shipping label is lost in transit.

You can now wait for your courier to pick up your parcel or drop it off at your preferred location. To track the progress of your shipment from its final destination, you can use the tracking number.

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