When should I use Active Courier Service?

Most of us instinctively link the need to send anything with a trip to the Post Office. Yet for the price-conscious, the internet’s changed all that. The bar’s been lowered on courier service prices, so they’re now accessible to all.

Use these quick tips to help decide when a web courier service works for you:

  • Are you sending something weighing more than 1kg?

    Yes Canada Post is generally still cheapest for sending cards, letters and small parcels under 1kg.
    Now do remember your time investment, with Active Courier Service we come to you.

  • Do you need it there fast?

    Active Courier Services are speedy, and many offer same-day collection if you book early enough. So for urgent deliveries,  we may be the most economical option.

How big can my parcel be?

Measuringtape Active Courier Services are focused on letters, small packages for corporate clients.

We calculate costs based on the size and weight of items. However, discount courier companies tend to offer flat-rate prices based around DHL’s standard maximum dimensions. As a rough guide, these are are generally about:

Max length 150 cm, max weight 10kg.

You can usually book a pick-up for the next day, depending on how early you email the pick-up form. But same-day pick-up is often available, provided you meet the daily cut-off time. It’s usually before or around noon, though it can be later.

 To calculate the volume of your parcel in cubic metres, it’s width times length, times height (all in centimetres), divided by 1,000,000.

Get your packaging right

This isn’t just for cosmetic purposes. Poor packing may void postal insurance and compensation claims, so package goods properly. You never know how much they may be thrown around in transit, so take precautions:

parcel stack

Banned and ‘no compensation’ items

We at Active Courier Services  have a list of ‘forbidden’ items that we won’t deliver, so we may inspect your items on collection. Because of this, it’s sensible to leave the top of your packing box open until it’s been inspected.

Easily-breakable items such as china or antiques are generally only carried by economy courier services on a ‘no compensation’ basis. So if they’re valuable, please look elsewhere.



Packing materialsPacking materials

All good packing requires is a bit of common sense. Wrap delicate items tightly in bubble wrap. Grab free cardboard boxes from supermarkets.

If you run out of bubble wrap or the item isn’t very delicate, pad with screwed up newspaper. Some even recommend using popped popcorn (buy kernels in bulk, cook the popcorn without oil and let it cool). Yet if you’re sending internationally, watch out as some countries have tight controls on importing food, so always check this first.

If you live near a large post office, ask them for packing materials – you should be able to get special delivery plastic post bags and they may be available for free.

  • Delivery forms

    Active Courier Services require you fill in a booking form for each box you send. These can generally be completed online, or downloaded from the web and printed out. If the form isn’t filled in properly, compensation claims may be invalidated.

    For international shipments only: To send any items overseas you’ll need to fill in a more detailed form for tax purposes. It’s fairly straightforward, but if you don’t fill it out accurately you risk delaying your package in customs, so be careful.

  • Collection and delivery times

    This sounds obvious, but make sure you’re going to be in for the whole of the day if you can. If you miss it, it’s likely you’ll have to repay – and that just isn’t MoneySaving!

    Active Courier Services will attempt delivery about three times at the destination address before returning items to the sender, but always double-check. Also make sure you include a return address, to be on the safe side in case problems arise.

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