Self Employed Courier Business Guide How to become a courier?

Full totally FREE guide for freelance delivery drivers. Everything you need to know to run your courier business as headache free as possible.

Couriers at workWe have gathered and provided all the information you might need at any point of running your courier service. You no longer need to search the web for hours or waste time to go look for an advise from one company to another, trying to get a bit more information on how to do the things right. At All About Couriers we have done it for you. We have found all the information, we have found the best advices given, we have used our own experience in the industry and we give it to you all for free.

On our pages you will find tons of information. Answers to questions you might ask yourselves. Useful links that will take you quickly to the place you need to be… Self-employment registration, VOSA vehicle requirements, Insurances, Vehicle parts and even Speed camera locations and much more. We know how busy you are every single day, we want to help you save time so you can get that dreamt rest at the end of the working day. We’ve been there. We know how you feel. We are still doing it day after day, after day. Get that time off you need… Fully use the information we provide and hustle free your days.

This is a full guide for everyone who wants to become a courier driver or for anyone already being a delivery driver who just needs to get the things a little bit more organized… Because our long working hours need to get as less cut-throat as possible. It is hard enough as it is without having to do paperwork, registrations, look for parts, accessories and deal with VAT Returns for example.


At All About Couriers we are trying to do the things differently. We give you an information that many others will charge you for it. We believe it is not correct to put it in an eBook with the excuse to put a price on it. It should be a free source of information for everyone who wants to be a self employed courier. That’s what our courier guide is about. It is not a secret so we won’t keep it as such. We don’t say what we state is the only way to go forward in the courier business, we only suggest what we think it’s best.

We have put everything into categories in order to be easier to find and used accordingly. We also keep a live blog that contains loads of answers to questions you might ask yourself. Where to start? What to choose? Where to look for work? How to charge? How to organise yourself better?

Look for it, if it’s not there, contact us and we will find and publish the answers so anybody can use freely. Come back and check for more new and useful information and ideas. We work on it on a daily basis so there always will be something new to discover.

If you ask yourself why we do it for free when everybody else is promoting their eBooks and courier guides for which they charge you a certain amount of money, we would answer you that in creating this website, we have used many free sources such as wordpress.com on which basis the website has been created. As well as many free developed and distributed plugins that make things for us so much easier. If the internet community can do things together for free in order to improve itself, why shouldn’t we do it too?! As many of them will say if you like the free plugin and think it worth buying the developer a cup of coffee, we would say it too. We have a Donate button at the bottom of our page for anyone who wants to help us keep this free source online. We thank you for your much appreciated help!

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